Planeta Estambul - Luis

Otra prueba más, como se nota que no puedo salir a hacer fotos, jejejejeeje
Posted on viernes, abril 22, 2011 by Luis and filed under | 3 Comments »

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黄清华 Wong Ching Wah dijo... @ 22 de abril de 2011, 1:26

Creative ...
Always wanted to do that but don't know how !

Stickup Artist dijo... @ 22 de abril de 2011, 2:22

That is such a unique and arresting image! Love the colors too. The rich warm tones against the cool background and the lighting are amazing and those spiraled clouds create such movement. Besides being such a lovely and dynamic image, it makes me think about the nature of time and space. Great concept!

Anónimo dijo... @ 24 de mayo de 2011, 16:06

UN efecto muy logrado, curioso y bonito